One thought on “What are the basic steps to publishing/creating a dapp?

  1. Arti says:

    Usually, the developers will build their product once they have the concept on one of the blockchains. Unlike having to follow Apple's guidelines when building and publishing a mobile app for iOS, there is no restriction when creating dapps on the blockchain. There are many public blockchains that provide alternative technical specifications and also supports (tech and financial) for developers. They usually submit their product to platforms like Dapp. com to get more seed users once they’ve met our guidelines. ) with the dapp are stored on the blockchain. As many IT technologies have underlying (infrastructure) and application layers, dapp is the application layer for blockchains. made purchases, uploaded posts etc. Everyone will be able to see them. The wallet address of users (anonymous) and their interactions (eg. The development and success of dapp determine whether the blockchain technology could be widely adopted.

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