One thought on “What are the Different Stages of Cataracts?

  1. Arti says:

    Progression of and treatment of cataracts varies by the individual. a few people have cataracts that do not impair their activities or lifestyle, which means removal can be delayed; however, they do become denser and harder to remove. When located in the area that surrounds the nucleus, it’s called a cortical cataract. Cataracts progress through alternative stages as they get larger and takeover more of your natural lens. If the cataract is located in the center of your lens, it’s called a nuclear cataract. When located in the back, outer layer of the lens, it’s called a posterior capsular cataract. Early symptoms can worsen as a cataract increases. This is a cataract beginning to form. In each eye, you have a very thin lens behind your pupil and iris. The lens is made of protein, and when you get older, a few of that protein can begin clinging to the lens, clouding small areas of your vision and making it harder for the eye to focus properly. The lens operates much like a camera lens would; it focuses what you see, monitors the amount of light to let in and transitions between near and far vision as you change your view.

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