One thought on “What are the Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects from Radiation?

  1. Arti says:

    Prostate cancer treatment side effects of radiation therapy can be divided into early (occurring during or shortly after treatment) and late (occurring months or years after treatment) effects. The prostate gland lies deep within the pelvis behind the pubic bone and in front of the rectum. A patient’s age and overall health also influence the potential risks of radical prostatectomy just as it does with any major operation. The bladder and rectum sit just above and just behind the prostate, respectively. The primary prostate cancer treatment side effects after a radical prostatectomy are incontinence and erectile dysfunction. These side effects are a product of the location of the prostate and the type of surgery performed. These effects are related to the organs around the prostate. The urinary bladder lies just above the prostate, the urinary sphincter control muscle is located just below it, and the erectile nerves lie just outside the prostate on either side. Such risks include cardiac or pulmonary events, infections, blood clots, or injuries to structures around the prostate.

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