One thought on “What Does Google Look for When Determining the Quality of a YMYL Site?

  1. Arti says:

    3%), and Technology (5. A. T. 8%), Finance (7. E-Commerce was next at 16%, followed by Business (10. 5% of all categories. Health websites saw the largest impact from Medic (as the name implies), accounting for 41. Here’s a quick breakdown of E. 9%). Google is constantly updating its algorithm (approximately 500 times a year) and most of these updates have low impact. Far less frequently, Google makes a broad core update, like Medic, which is designed to fix a major flaw in search indexing. Last year, Google was focusing its attention on sites with YMYL (“Your Money or Your Life”) pages, which are defined as having long-lasting repercussions on the health, happiness, safety, and/or financial stability of users.

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