One thought on “What Does the RPO Process Look Like in Action?

  1. Arti says:

    In a fiercely competitive recruiting environment where companies are desperate to hire skilled candidates for demanding positions, RPO bridges the gap between traditional recruiting methods and current hiring demands. We do that by creating a customized approach to recruiting that is designed to meet the specific needs of each company we work with. At Hire Velocity, our primary goal is to deliver high impact solutions to our clients. Rather than paying a contingency fee upon hiring, you will typically pay a management fee based on your specified needs and parameters and a significantly lower hire fee. Recruitment process outsourcing optimizes your recruitment process, streamlines your operations, and focuses on long-term business strategy while reducing costs. Staffing agencies aim to fill positions quickly and focus on short-term, contingency solutions, at a higher cost. In this way, RPO is more accountable to deliver the quality candidates you need and typically less expensive. When you partner with an RPO firm, you can expect better candidate quality, more effective recruitment strategies, and greater flexibility. In addition, RPO uses a alternative pay structure.

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