One thought on “What is the Effect of Autoimmune Disease on Families?

  1. Arti says:

    ” Initially then, it’s a challenge for families to know what is wrong with their family member and the expense and frustration of seeing multiple physicians and being misdiagnosed or not receiving a clear diagnosis is stressful and discouraging. The autoimmune disorders can be burdena few from the onset of the first symptoms. During that time she may have consulted with several physicians or specialists, as well as mental health professionals. At times she may have felt that she was going crazy or have felt that physicians were suspicious that the symptoms were “in her head. In fact, it make take anywhere from months to years for the woman to receive a definitive diagnosis. For many women, the initial symptoms come and go and do not cluster together in a way that leads healthcare providers to know with certainty what a woman has.

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