One thought on “What is the process of a penetration test?

  1. Arti says:

    Depending on which vulnerabilities need to be assessed, a wide range of tools and solutions are available in the marketplace. Depending on the type of scan, the process can take anywhere from a quick 20 minutes to a number of hours to complete. In contrast to a vulnerability scan, penetration tests are performed manually by humans who often have mixed skill sets and various expertise. They attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities in a system to determine whether unauthorized access or malicious activity is indeed possible – and then prove it with action. Vulnerability scans leverage software that can detect vulns within a network, system, or application. For example, a pen tester or ethical hacker might attempt to become a user in an email system, hack into a database, or exfiltrate proprietary client data. Due to automation, the scans can be executed without disrupting the IT infrastructure or application’s operations. When comparing vulnerability testing vs penetration testing it’s best to know how its cyber-services function to help a business. Oftentimes, pen testers, or ethical hackers will leverage automated scans to filter out potentially exploitable vulnerabilities and proceed with an attack. In this way, it simulates a real-life attack by testing defenses, mapping out paths a real attacker could take to accomplish real-life, malicious goals. The most common are web application vulnerability scanners, network vulnerability scanners, attack surface identification, and focused scanners.

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