One thought on “What late effects might people who were treated for childhood cancers experience?

  1. Arti says:

    But the late effects of many treatments still aren’t known. Talk to your doctor about the late effects of your particular treatment. Exercising and eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can help make you stronger and healthier. Cancer survivors might experience late effects of cancer treatment years later. Cancer survivors might experience late effects of cancer trea While this can be frustrating, you can take steps to help cope should you experience late effects of treatment. In a few cases, your doctor will know what effects are at risk to you. Late effects are side effects of cancer treatment that become apparent after your treatment has ended. Avoiding tobacco, excessive alcohol use and prolonged sun exposure also are very helpful. it’sn’t clear that late effects are preventable or why a few people might experience late effects while others don’t. If you underwent cancer treatment as a child, you may be at risk of many of the same late side effects of treatment as people who were adults during their cancer treatments.

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