One thought on “What to expect if you take your Yorkie to a pet groomer?

  1. Arti says:

    With a Yorkie’s fine hair, you will probably be using an attachment comb on the clippers (unless the dog is matted, in which case you’ll need to use a blade). Hold the attachment comb flat against your dog’s skin as you glide it through the hair. Yorkies are small enough to wash in your kitchen sink and dry with a hair dryer on a cool setting (never use a heated dryer on your Yorkie). If you decide that grooming your Yorkie at home is too difficult, there’s no shame in taking him to a professional groomer. Grooming a dainty Yorkie can be difficult at first while you both get used to the process, but eventually, it can turn into a bonding experience between you and your dog. You may also want to consider investing in a pet grooming table or table topper with a grooming arm to help keep your Yorkie in one place for the grooming rather than having to chase him around with the clippers.

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