One thought on “What types of financial relief is there for side-hustle workers?

  1. Arti says:

    Even if you do your side business only a fraction of the time, you’re eligible to receive a few compensation if you lost work. However, the CARES Act expanded coverage for nontraditional workers, including freelance workers, independent contractors, small-business owners, freelancers and other types of workers who are self-employed. Under normal circumstances, people with side businesses are not eligible for unemployment benefits. If you can prove that you’ve lost work due to the COVID-19 crisis or otherwise had to stop work to care for a family member, you might be able to get benefits. If you don’t otherwise qualify for regular unemployment insurance, you may qualify for benefits under PUA. The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program was made to help workers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for unemployment insurance, like self-employed and freelance workers. If you believe you are eligible, you should apply in the state where you last worked. How much money you receive from unemployment benefits depends on where you live and how much money you earned according to your most recent tax returns and pay stubs. You’ll get at least your state’s minimum unemployment amount.

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