One thought on “What Will Happen After the Diagnosis is Made and Treatment is Started?

  1. Arti says:

    Because this is a lifelong condition involving a major lifestyle change in the child’s diet it’s important to be completely sure of the diagnosis before starting treatment. Once a gluten-free diet has been started the damage to the lining of the small intestine can recover within a matter of weeks. Blood tests are repeated at intervals to look for the antibodies as if these disappear it’s an indication that recovery is progressing as expected. During these visits we monitor the child’s symptoms and pay particular attention to their growth and general well-being. The Nationwide Children’s Team offers ongoing care and will see children at regular intervals after starting treatment. We strongly advise against the practice of starting the diet before confirming the diagnosis. When this occurs it’s not possible to confirm the diagnosis by means of a biopsy. Here at Nationwide Children’s we have an active support group known as the Gluten Free Gang. In addition the families enjoy the opportunity to meet others who are dealing with celiac disease, share recipes and information on gluten free products that are available and discuss solutions to common problems encountered in the day to day lives of children living with celiac disease. Other Other tests that check for anemia, thyroid problems and vitamin D levels are performed on an annual basis to identify conditions that a fewtimes occur with celiac disease so that appropriate treatment can be started.

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