One thought on “Who Is At Risk Of Nitrous Oxide Addiction?

  1. Arti says:

    Further, “statistics show that young, white males have the highest usage rates” as do Hispanic and American Indian populations. That is why prevention of abuse is so important. However, nitrous oxide abuse and subsequent addiction are most common among adolescents, especially younger teens. No one is exempt from the risk of addiction. This may be in part because nitrous oxide, like many inhalants, can be extremely dangerous to abuse multiple times. It’s rare to form an addiction to inhalants, but it can happen. When attempting to stop abuse, or when a fewone no longer has access to the inhalant, he or she may also experience withdrawal symptoms. As Drug Free World reports, those who abuse inhalants may experience overwhelming urges to keep abusing them. The NIPC reports that one in five students entering the eighth grade will have abused inhalants.

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