One thought on “Why Choose Promenade Center For Dentistry for Dental Implant in Charlotte, NC?

  1. Arti says:

    An implant was placed and restored. He had a failed root canal and the tooth had to be removed several years back. Our team has extensive training and are up to date in the latest advances in dental implants. So he knows what it’s like to personally go through the process as well as living with a dental implant. So if you’re missing a tooth, or need hold down that denture. Call (704) 321-0980 for a free dental implant consultation. So if you have dental insurance we can help discuss what your benefits will cover, what they won’t and how we can help maximize the value of your dental plan. Tang actually has an implant in his LR jaw to replace a lost molar. Implants will feel very natural. I actually have one in the lower right! I don’t even know it’s there. There are no nerves in the implant so it will not experience sensitivity. Give Promenade Center for Dentistry a call to schedule a consultation! We are one of the premier offices offering dental implants in Charlotte, NC. Dr. And we are very well versed in the the arena of dental insurance. You’ll need to brush and floss the dental implant tooth just as you would any other teeth.

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