One thought on “Why is ZOOM Whitening preferred over just using home bleach trays or White Strips?

  1. Arti says:

    Porcelain crowns and veneers do not change color when applying the ZOOM Whitening treatment. Bonded composite also does not change color with whitening treatments either. However, most patients are so excited about their new smile that from the beginning they have planned is to replace existing tooth colored restorations with new, brighter white ceramics or composites. In fact it’s not unusual for patients to find a color mismatch between their restorative dental work and their natural teeth which can produce an unappealing appearance in their smile. Often patents with veneers and crowns find them to be a number of shades lighter than their natural teeth, so whitening their natural teeth a fewtimes makes the veneers and crowns fit in better. We discuss this in advance and for patients who do not want to replace any previous cosmetic dentistry we will usually limit the bleaching time to closely match the shade of their newly whitened natural teeth to any existing bonding or veneers they already have in place. In about an hour patients can turn back the clock 20 or more years. it’s the least invasive procedure we can do to transform our smiles. People want results fast, and it appears convenience is the major factor when selecting a teeth whitening regimen. In addition, it’s just about the cheapest choice and of course doesn’t involve anesthetic or drilling (always a plus! ). One of the major reasons people prefer ZOOM whitening over take-home bleach trays is that is so quick.

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